tear seam

tear seam

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • seam — See inflation control seam mastic seam sealant pvc seam sealing tear seam …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • tear — tear1 [ter] vt. tore, torn, tearing [ME teren < OE teran, to rend, akin to Ger zehren, to destroy, consume < IE base * der , to skin, split > DRAB1, DERMA1] 1. to pull apart or separate into pieces by force; rip or rend (cloth, paper,… …   English World dictionary

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  • seam — n. 1) to let out; rip open, tear open a seam 2) (misc.) (to come apart) at the seams (also fig.) * * * [siːm] rip open tear open a seam to let out (misc.) (to come apart) at the seams (also fig.) …   Combinatory dictionary

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  • tear — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) v. rip, rend, lacerate, tatter, shred; split, burst, break, part, separate, remove, raze, wrench; give; snatch, race; speed, dash, fly. n. break, rent, split; wound; crack, fissure, gap; ( pl.) teardrops …   English dictionary for students

  • inflation control seam — A system of inflation control seams on advanced air bags to control the inflation speed and inflation characteristics. Also called tear seam, whose negative connotations are perhaps inappropriate in a safety related context …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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